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Health: Garlic supports detox

Garlic contains proteins, potassium, vitamins, calcium, zinc and a sulphur compound allicin. There have been many studies done by the Royal College of Physicians confirming that garlic, taken in various forms, can reduce cholesterol. This could be endorsed by reading the study by Neil Silagy in the Royal College Journal.


Chiropractors. Do they Work?

  • Date: Sunday, April 14, 2013
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  • posted by: Mathieu Blake
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First impressions are often deceiving when you first visit a chiropractor. They do a few fancy test and then they bring you in a room and show you a 10 minute video and show you how your spine is connected to everything in your body and if misaligned will cause you to get anything and everything from headaches to tumors and diabetes....

I will admit the price tag was high so I was reluctant but the doctor was a friend and I had not had a good night sleep in Months. so I bit the bullet and opted for 24 ....

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