Vegas on the cheap part 1

Comprehensive how to guide on where and when to save money in Las Vegas Nevada. For years now vegas has been a great destination for tourists looking for 5 Star accommodations for a 3 Star price. This series article will help you navigate through the tourist traps and will give you a few tips on how to plan to get the most of your vacation.

Step 1 Plan ahead.

Start 6 months before your trip.Book your Hotel and Flight together. Look on and and perhaps setup a flight alert on Vegas has 10 big conferences a year and the hotels get booked to 80% occupancy 1 year before hand because of that you will see that on those weekends the price may be 200$ more than 1 week before or after.

Sunday to Thursday rule.
Hotels are generally cheaper Sunday to Thursday and you will notice Friday and Saturday nights a 300% increase on the rate vs the other nights. Depending on what your plan is you may want to do that.

3rd and 4th Night Discount
Many hotels have a 25% off your total stay if you stay 3 or 4 nights or more. You will see them listed on all travel sites as deals.

Location, Location, Location
The Bellagio, Caesar's Palace and the Venetian are great hotels and you can't beat them. The price however can be a little steep at times. Neighboring hotels are usually priced at about 400 a person lower over a vacation stay. That's a few dinners out in the fancy restaurants in those casinos. And you are still Center strip so everything is within the same reach.

Hope these tips were helpful. Stay tuned for Step 2. Vegas Tourist Traps.

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