Vegas on the cheap part 2

Vegas Tourist Traps... Now that you are in Vegas there are a few things you have to watch out for before you spend your hard earned money. This second part of the Vegas on the cheap series will help you stay away from the obvious and not so obvious tourist let downs.

#1 The Paris Hotel ride up the Eiffel Tower:
Sounds like a great deal go up the Eiffel tower of $22 seems like a steal compared to the 37 Euros it would cost in Paris... Its great until you get up there and you look out to taller hotels. You are better off taking the elevator to your hotel's 50th floor and looking out and buying yourself 2 drinks.

#2 Hoover Dam
Its quite a ride out there and it sounds like a good deal however in the summer the ride is long and hot the food while there is a little bit pricey with an 8 dollar hot dog and equally expensive fountain drink. Stay away

#3 Would you like Coffee and Orange Juice with your breakfast?
1st question how much is it? The fresh squeezed orange juice they claim to offer you is probably $7 a glass and the freshly brewed coffee may be up to $5. Beware before you find yourself with a $65 breakfast bill for 2.

#4 Nightclub VIP Passes
You may find yourself on the strip being offered VIP passes to a cool sounding nightclub in town promising free drinks and VIP line up... You may find yourself waiting in line behind everyone else that got the same pass you got.Should you be in the pay line you would of gotten right in. Oh and forget about that free drink, you'd be lucky if you get a watered down shooter. The only way to be a VIP and skip the line in Vegas is to get Bottle service. You will skip the line and not pay cover and best of all you get all the attention for getting a bottle at $400 + 20% gratuity.

#5 3 Card Monty
You may come across a card game on the strip with a small crowd around. Some people may appear to be winning. THEY are IN on IT. Stay away keep walking or stick around but don't bet. See if you can spot the sucker. He'll be the one losing his money.

#6 Drinks in the Aria Sports Book
$14 a drink $28 for a double. I don't care if its grey goose. They are 1 dollar an OZ in the store. how they get from $2 to $28 is beyond me...

Stay tuned for part 3 where we look at things to do while in Sin City that won't break the bank.

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