Vegas on the cheap part 3

In this feature we will be looking at things to do in Vegas that will not break the bank whether you are looking for entertainment, gambling or activities this article will show you a few tips on how to stay above water.

1. Gambling:
All casinos have minimum set limits and you will notice that the nicer the casino the higher the limits. For example if you want to play black jack during the day most casinos have the minimum set at $5-10 per hand. Once the night arrives you will find that the minimums will move upwards for 20-25 for the higher end casinos and stay at 5-10 for the lower end casinos.

Keep in mind smaller, lower limit casinos, also have fewer people but want to keep you there so the drinks are flowing from the moment you sit down.A few low limit casinos that are still great at serving drinks pronto are: Casino Royale, Imperial Palace, Oshea's, Binnions.

2. Entertainment
Most great shows in vegas will run you $150+ from all the cirque du soleil to the performer shows like celine dion that cost an average 400 per ticket for a balcony seat :( There are some free shows and great values for your money. I highly recommend seeing the Treasure Island pirate show, the Bellagio fountain show, the Rio cabaret show. They are all free, check websites for showtimes.

If you wish to go see a show, the tickets for tonight booth is always a good bet to save a little. Here are a few choices that are entertaining without going overboard. Divas - Frank Marino, Carrot top, Penn and Teller.

3. Activities
When looking for things to do try and stay away from the street vendors, chances are the tours are not exactly as advertised. Do your research online, look at trip advisor and see whats in your budget so you get the most out of your vegas vacation. The Tours to the hover damn and grand canyon may end up costing more than their worth seeing as you are taken out of the bright lights for an extended period.

See  the gun ranges like discount firearms and ammo. The amusement park at circus circus. The roller coaster at NYNY. The Stratosphere top of the hotel rides.

Stay tuned for the next edition where we talk about scams in Las vegas and things to stay away from.

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