Using A World Cell Phone For Travel Just Makes Sense

Brightroam world phones can help you keep in touch with family, friends, and businesses while travelling overseas, all while saving you the burdensome expense of international roaming fees. A world phone is essential for those whose phones are locked, or for anyone whose phone simply does not work outside of North America. World phones with international SIM cards fall in a reasonable price range and can be used anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions. If you know which country you are planning to visit you can also select a country-specific phone, saving 50-80% off the costs of calling, texting and data.


Brightroam world phones provide the smart traveller with WiFi, Google maps, and GPS capability, making trips easy and convenient. And with world phone Internet at your disposal, set yourself free from language mishaps and fumbling through heavy paper dictionaries. All you need to know to impress your hosts with their language can come with a few clicks of a button. Select the phone and plan that is right for you and experience the difference that having a working phone can make on your next business trip or vacation. Brightroam also supplies international SIM cards to their customers with no contracts and no commitments. They offer world, regional and country specific SIM cards which allow the phone to connect to the nearest cell phone network and give the owner the power to call hotels, taxis or friends back home all without expensive international fees. Calls can even be forwarded to the international number, meaning you will not miss out on the big news from back home. These SIM cards can save you 50-90% on roaming charges; they can be combined with data plans and they also include Brightroam's 24/7 customer support.


Staying connected has never been more important, or more possible. By uploading pictures to share with loved ones back home, you can give them the experience of vacationing with you. For the business traveller it means never being out of touch with the office, and by keeping the international phone or international SIM card you can keep in contact with your colleagues from around the world, without the expense of frequent international phone calls. So make your choice. Brag to your friends back home about your wonderful vacation with the instantly uploaded pictures to prove it, or struggle with the frustration of not having access to a telephone. The world can be yours. Just don't forget the phone.


Author Bio:

You can count on Kenneth Partrell’s blogs to keep you informed about travel warnings, hot destinations and the best consumer travel tips. It is no secret that the cheapest and most reliable way to stay in touch while travelling now is by using Brightroam world phones equipped with international SIM cards.  Kenneth wouldn’t travel out of the country with his!