Ridebooker.com Makes Experiencing Whistler Easier

“Walking in a Winter Wonderland,” has been a classic Christmas song for many generations. A true winter wonderland exists in Whistler, British Columbia. It's 115 kilometres (70 miles) from Vancouver to Whistler, and traveling to Whistler allows one to experience this wonderland in person.  Clearly, skiing would be one of the major draws of the Whistler Blackcomb region. These mountains stand side by side with more than 80,000 acres between the two areas. Skiers will find over 200 runs, but adventurers will also find 16 alpine bowls and three glaciers. In addition, Nintendo Terrain Parks offer a variety of entertainment for the avid snow boarder.


Zipping down mountain ski runs or shooting half-pipes might not appeal to everyone. Some people might prefer a slower pace. There are more than 28 kilometres (17 miles) of cross-country ski trails in the Whistler Blackcomb area. In addition, trained guides offer snowshoeing activities. Sleigh rides with blankets and hot chocolate could be the perfect way to wind down for the night. If guests desire something a little warmer and more relaxing, a trip to the Scandinave Spa Whistler might be in order. This spa offers both indoor and outdoor treatments, and it includes 13 massage rooms, shops, and a café.


If it’s “Hot Town, Summer In The City,” influencing destination choices, then Whistler Blackcomb provides plenty of activities in the summer time as well. The two mountains offer a variety of trails for biking and hiking. Gondola trips up and down the mountain allow for a wider viewing of the scenic panorama. Almost any activity lends itself to viewing and photographing the pristine beauty of nature at its best.


Unless one lives in the immediate area, traveling to Whistler Blackcomb will be a consideration. Most visitors will find themselves flying into Vancouver with a need for transportation from the airport to Whistler-Blackcomb and back. Ridebooker.com offers the best Whistler transportation options. This user-friendly website enables the traveler to find Whistler transportation easily. Choices are in place allowing users to customize their travel needs. These options offer a variety of vehicles including luxury cars and an array of limousines.  Another option enables the user to enter information for a second trip. Built in 30 minute stops and/or city tours are available. Ridebooker.com offers all of this, including total cost, on one page. This means the user does not get lost tracking and backtracking numerous links while planning their travel needs.


Whether you are considering a winter adventure or a summer adventure, the Whistler Blackcomb area has something for everyone. Scheduling your trip from Vancouver to Whistler with Ridebooker.com will ensure that you get to your adventure and back in comfort and style. For more information on Ridebooker’s services and for Ridebooker contact information, visit Ridebooker.com today and start planning your Whistler trip!