Toronto: The Drake Hotel is Truly One of a Kind

The Drake Hotel in Toronto is a truly unique establishment that combines comfort, art, and an eclectic vibe to create a one-of-a-kind experience. People who are looking for more than just a room from which they can explore the city of Toronto will find The Drake to be a destination in itself. This Toronto Boutique Hotel has an undeniable personality that comes through in its décor, vibrant nightlife and cuisine.


A boutique hotel is a refreshing escape from the generic and often impersonal world of large chain hotels. Boutique hotels are frequently smaller, with fewer rooms and subsequently fewer guests. This alone provides a more intimate atmosphere, and allows for more personalized service. Another thing that sets boutique hotels apart from chain hotels is personality. This is reflected in the hotel’s décor and staff, as well as its dining and entertainment options. Boutique hotels tend to appeal to travelers who want more out of their stay, who want to immerse themselves fully in an atmosphere that exudes its own style and charm.


Aside from its distinctive guest rooms and suite, The Drake hotel is a known hotspot for music, entertainment, and art. The Drake boasts two venues: The ounge and the Underground. Whether you are looking for live music, DJ dancing, comedy, or an art show, these two spots have you covered. Not only that, but the Drake’s restaurant is a top-rated eatery with an inspired menu that will appeal to the foodie in you. With its café, dining room, and rooftop lounge you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, dinner, or drinks in style.


Of course, you will want to explore all that Toronto has to offer during your stay. Whether you want to enjoy its famous nightlife and comedy shows in the entertainment district, take in a hockey game, or hit the Yorkville district for some premium shopping, this city is full of sights, sounds, and cultural diversity. Almost half of Toronto’s residents hail from other locales and you will find the city’s own Chinatown, little Italy and Greektown offer international flavor and charm.


The Drake is a perfect setting for a cozy getaway for two, a solo adventure, or a group event. The hotel hosts a variety of events, including weddings and conferences. You won’t find another Toronto boutique hotel like The Drake. It is obvious that the staff and owners take a great deal of pride in what they have to offer their community, and it shows through in everything they do. Visit www. today for more information and to start planning your visit today!


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Francis Jodden is a tourism & hospitality blogger who writes about the best destinations in Canada and where to stay. One of Francis’ favorite places to stay is The Drake Hotel in Toronto, one of Francis’ favourite Canadian destinations. Francis highly recommends that you visit for more information and to start planning your trip to The Drake today!