How to Spot Rogue Casinos

Canadians love playing online casino games, almost as much as we love Stanley Cup finals and eating yellow snow (don't worry non-Canucks, it's made from maple syrup). However, if there is one thing we really hate its being taken advantage of by unscrupulous online casinos, also known as ìrogue casinosî. You may be surprised, or even shocked, to learn that getting caught out by a rogue casino happens every day online and is easier than you think. There are plenty of online casinos that look great, safe, exciting and solid. This is how rogue casinos typically operate. As a wolf in sheep's clothing, they lure unsuspecting players in, especially new players who are unaware of how to detect rogue operations. The problem is, how do you know when an online casino is above board and legitimate and when it's flying under the radar and is shady?

This has been an issue for many years within the online casino community and is an especially vexing problem for newcomers to online casino sites. A few years back the only real way to avoid bad online casinos was through trial and error. This meant playing at an online casino in good faith and then being ripped off in some way. The next step would've been to put the rogue casino on your list and warn your buddies.

The problem with this system is that it's a bit like looking for a land mine by stomping around until you stumbled upon the rogue casino. This poses as a risky means to assess whether a casino is legitimate or not.

How to Avoid Rogue Casinos

With a little research, you will find reputable casinos that provide a safe and secure environment with no problems. These casinos are also strictly monitored by gaming authority boards to ensure fairness of payouts, gameplay and a number of other factors. There are many sites that promise similar online casino offerings, though each casino is unique in their own right.

A good way to establish the safety and security of a casino operation is by looking at the systems in place. Many trusted online casinos implement SSL certification on their sites as a measure to safeguardsensitive player information. This ensures that all transactions, gaming and communications are private.

Another element to consider is the licensing of the site. Look at where, how and when the license was established. Many great sites look to obtain licenses from reputable government organisations, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, for example.

Lastly, sites like provide great insights on how to avoid rogue casinos. These sites research key elements in determining whether an online casino is legit or not. Players can rest assured that all areas of operation are vigorously scrutinised. Every aspect of the casino is tested, whether its banking, bonuses, promotions, customer service and background information, you are sure to find a holistic point of view within the reviews. This gives you a snapshot as to how the casino operates at a player level, giving you more information to make an informed decision.
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