Microgaming Wins The Spark Award 2017 for its Idea Factory Initiative For Everyone To See

As Microgaming wins The Spark Award 2017 for its Idea Factory initiative, a lot of people are talking about what this means for the industry at large. The Idea Factory itself is certainly an intriguing idea that a lot of people in many industries might be interested in, and it really manages to speak to employee culture at large.


Far too many companies never really listen to their employees. Only a few people will really get a voice within a company. The small team that is actually in charge with coming up with the ideas will get heard, and everyone else will have to deal with their output in one way or another.


The Idea Factory truly managed to turn this typical paradigm on its head, giving a lot of people a voice within the complex organization of Microgaming. A lot of companies will not do this for a number of reasons. They might be worried that they will not have enough ideas to begin with, which actually was a concern when Microgaming first implemented the Idea Factory initiative in the first place.


In that way, Microgaming could work as something of a case study for a lot of people. They had so many ideas as a result of this initiative that they would not have been able to use them all even if they wanted to do so. Their employees had a lot to say, and they were able to make a lot of great changes throughout the company as a result.


Employees will all see different sides of the company. They have their own experiences to draw from, and other people are not going to have them. They should be able to share those experiences with others in order to make the entire company that much better, and this is certainly something that a lot of people were able to do at Microgaming.


People who have accessed royal vegas are already well aware of the fact that Microgaming is a really creative company and it always has been. Very creative companies should be more creative in all of their approaches, and this is the sort of thing that seems to be happening at present. A lot of people are in a situation in which they are going to be more interested in the output of a given company rather than how it is run, especially if they are just customers and they don't work there.


However, the manner in which a company is run will always have an effect on the products that it can ultimately produce. Companies that listen to their employees and that start projects like the Idea Factory are going to have a more varied and creative output as a matter of course. Creativity is partly about novelty in one way or another. It is truly hard to achieve a lot of novelty if only a few people are being addressed at any given point. It looks like Microgaming is less likely to fall into those patterns than many other companies.

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