Raptors hopeful of an Eventual Game 7 Milwaukee Bucks

The Toronto Raptors and the Milwaukee Bucks continue to face in the 2019 NBA playoffs. Raptors hope that home field advantage with give them the boost they need against a formidable opponent which has taken full advantage of fan support in Milwaukee.  Toronto fans have their sights on an eventual game 7 to launch them into the NBA finals.

The top-seeded Bucks had easily disposed of the Detroit Pistons in the first round in a four-game sweep. The team began growing in confidence as their promotional giveaway read: “Built to stay.” Likewise, in round 2, they made a remarkable comeback from their Game 1 loss to win four straight games and knock off the Boston Celtics. “Built to advance” was the word in the air as they conquered the second round.

The Bucks have been the best and most consistently dominant team in this NBA season, even getting one of the best odds to win the NBA titles—with bet365 online sports betting making it easy to cash in on these odds.

Milwauckee has’t just scaled through every test they’ve faced this season, they’ve completely aced them all. However, at this stage of the season, it is uncharted territory for them, and they would need to tread with caution.

In the Western Conference Finals, the Portland Trail Blazers, will face the reigning champions Golden State Warriors and just like the Bucks, they are hoping to accomplish as very difficult achievement in the NBA, something only a handful of teams have been able to achieve.

However, the Milwaukee Bucks have shown time and time again that they are no fluke, leading the NBA in point differential during the regular season (+727). They are also doing same in the playoffs (+138) and with a +47 point more than what the Raptors—who rank second—achieved.

The Bucks are the league’s second-ranked offensive team in the postseason and have the best defence—a form they carried over from the regular season. However, with the statistics seemingly in their favour, are they really ready for what is coming?

Their opponents, the Toronto Raptors, have regular starters who come into this series with 10 career Conference Finals appearances between them. Of these 10 appearances, 8 of them belong to NBA champions Danny Green and KawhiLeonard. They have each won as many playoff series as the combined total of the entire Bucks starting lineup (13). The Toronto’s starters have won 43 playoff series combined.

One major perceived advantage the Raptors has over Milwaukee would be their vast experience in this stage of the competition. While a lot is still left to be seen considering the number of games still to be played in this series but experience always comes to play in making a difference during this time of the year.

Getting into tthe Eastern Conference finals, Raptors came-off an emotionally charged Game 7 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, the Raptors may not have much time to shift their focus to their toughest test yet, the Bucks. But, they can at least count on the experience and skills of their main man to get them over the finishing line.

Kawhi Leonard had aced the biggest shot in the franchise’s 24-year existence, he made NBA history by becoming the first player to ever hit a game-winning buzzer beater in Game 7.

“That’s why you’ve got to stay even-keeled in this league,” the Raptors’ superstar forward said in a report. “Don’t get too low or too high till it’s all done. That’s what I try to pride myself on, just staying level-headed going into the next game.”

Leonard’s experience will be invaluable to the Raptors in they hope to make it to a Game 7.

“[It] Probably [comes] from past experiences of playing basketball, being in these situations before and just learning from it,” the 27-year-old said. “I was fortunate enough to play for winning teams when I got into the NBA. Just being in my rookie year and playing in the semi-finals and going from there, year after year, I feel like it helped.”

The battle between Leonard and Antetokounmpo has been shaping-up.

“He’s [Antetokounmpo] an overpowering type player, with his size, now his strength, his speed, and then his array of kind of moving up the floor,” said Raptors head coach Nick Nurse.

“So, the challenge is you've gotta try to slow him down in transition, which is more than a one-person job. It's probably a five-person job. The guys that are out there, they have to build walls and build ’em early so the freight train doesn’t get going too fast.”

With their length and physicality, the Bucks are elite defensively—attributes that might make the Raptors look like the underdogs coming in this series. However, Nurse still insists that they are the more experienced team and are not fazed by the seemingly intimidating outlook of the Bucks.

“I think we're a good road team, we're a good team,” said Nurse. “The stakes are high, they've been high. It hasn't really dawned on me that we don't have home court or any of that kind of stuff. I'm just really focused in on trying to get our mindset right to when that thing goes up night that we're ready to go.”


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