The 10 Best Canadian Sports Fan Bases

Canada is a proud nation that is passionate about sports. Their bond to their home teams makes it hard for teams from the States to go north of the border to steal a win. Here is a rundown of the top fan bases in the country. For move live action try your luck at the online casino.


1: Montreal Canadiens


The Canadians are one of the most successful hockey teams in the entire National Hockey League, and their fans are some of the most loyal in the sport. From their team Facebook page to their in-game rituals, this is a fan base that is in lock-step with the team that they cheer to victory.


2: Toronto Maple Leafs


Canada's second most popular team is the Leafs, although this can be a point of contention within their own fan base who thinks they should be on the top of this list. Their TML Fever is a good place to go to get a pulse of the fans and their team. They also have one of the best young players in the league in 19 year-old Auston Matthews, who has all the makings of a star.


3: Vancouver Canucks


If you head west, you will run into this group of rabid fans that loves to cheer on their home team. The Canucks are one of the Canadian team's to have the most recent taste of the NHL finals, and they are always one of the most exciting teams in the NHL's Western Conference.


4: Calgary Flames


The Scotiabank Saddledome is always rocking whenever the Flames are playing on home ice. While the team has not won a title since 1989, this has done very little to dampen the fans' excitement for Flames' hockey.


5: Toronto Blue Jays


The first non-hockey team to crack the list in the Great North is the Jays. The baseball team has been very competitive as of late, and they are a threat for the next few years in Major League Baseball.


6: Ottawa Senators


The Sens are the team that calls their nation's capital home, and they are a solid performer in the Eastern Conference. Their fans always make it tough for teams to come in and play in the Canadian Tire Center.


7: Toronto Raptors


The Raptors may be the team that is gaining the most steam in Canadian sports, and the team's recent success has made believers of the Raptors and their fan base. Even Lebron James has nothing but love for Raptors' fans.


8: Edmonton Oilers


The team that was once home to Wayne Gretzky has amazing fans that are always hoping for a repeat of their historic past. Visiting teams have a hard time playing in front of Oilers' fans.


9: Winnipeg Jets


The team is rebuilding their fan base after moving from Atlanta. A couple of winning seasons will go a long way to making the Jets a fan base that can really get behind their squad.


10: Montreal Expos


The baseball team has moved to Washington D.C., but there is still a nostalgia among fans who remember the magical strike-shortened baseball seaso
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