Miss Venezuelas friend, the Vigilante

A friend to popular celebrity Irene Esser, the former Miss Venezuela stole a police helicopter recently. Everything is celebrity news if you are friends with famous people.  The friend is a rogue police officer. He also had grenades dropped on the Supreme Court. All this was in a bid to remove President Nicholas Maduro from power. This incident occurred early morning of the 28th of June. The president, Nicholas Maduro describes this as a terrorist attack. Analysing the incident, others say they were very much expecting something of that sort from the rogue police officer. The police officer had openly denounced the existing government and its leader before the attack. He had termed the government a ‘’Criminal government.

The celebrity cop was piloting the helicopter himself. The stolen aircraft fired 15 shots at the ministry in Caracas. This was devastating as they were people who were having a social event at the Interior Ministry. The helicopter has however not been seen since the incident. Police later arrived at scene circling the city but the attack was over and the helicopter had already disappeared. The Rogue security officer was later identified as Oscar Perez. It is said that he had been planning a rebellion against the president. This is because he believes that Nicholas Maduro is a totalitarian leader. It is also said that he was working with other members of the country’s security forces.

Perez is believed to be a man of action judging from the pictures he was uploading on Instagram. He has worked with the police and the military. He recently uploaded pictures of himself brandishing a knife. Among his pictures was also a number of action shots of him with the former Miss Venezuela, Irene Esser. Others say that He was never associated with any political party. He explained in a video he uploaded on social media that his loyalty is to the truth and Christ. Authorities are still looking for Oscar Perez and the stolen aircraft.

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