The Changing Canadian Casino Market

The gambling culture in Canada has evolved greatly in recent years. With the influx of online gambling casinos, people have started flocking away from traditional casino games and moved on to online casinos.


This claim can be seen materialized on the report made by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Authority of their generated net profit which was $2.49 billion in the fiscal year 2017-2018, this is astounding when you look at the decline of lottery ticket sales record for that particular fiscal year.


In recent years, physical, land-based casinos have been losing their market share to online casinos. With online casinos increasingly gaining momentum in the gaming industry, it can be easy to see why online casinos have only increased in time.


Online gamblers can find numerous choices in the online gaming niche. Gamblers and the like are buffeted with constant improvements to the account integrity and gaming operations on the online scale due to technological advancements.


Online gaming has become a fast-growing trend and online gambling is only budding and has the potential to grow exponentially in the next two years. This growth can be attributed to the ever-growing entertainment industry and the assimilation of technological recreation in the daily lives of consumers.


According to HLT Advisory, the industry has an estimated $31 billion gross revenue each year, $14 billion of which is thanks to purchased services, the Canadian online gaming industry is a force to be reckoned with.


The Canadian Gaming Association or CGA conducted a broad national study with HLT Advisory that provided part of the information provided above.


Due to the seamless transition from physical to technological play provided by mobile phones, computers, tablets, and high-speed internet connections, it has become common practice to conduct our recreational activities within the tap of a finger and a click of the mouse.


Online gamblers are provided access to a broad range of online casino games that include lottery games, slot machines, table, and card games, even live dealer games.


While the legality of such online gambling services is left by the Candian government to the jurisdiction of the provincial government, it looks as though few steps have been made towards ending the trend.


Several provinces have voted to ban online gambling within their perimeters while there is a number that have allowed the trend to flourish.


Although several provinces have opted out of online gambling, online gaming’s liberalization is gaining momentum across Canada slowly, but surely.


It should be noted that there are regulatory bodies that license and ensure strict regulations for a variety of online gambling operations like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.


It can be seen as a good thing that although some provinces are opposed to the practice of online gambling, legislators have recognized the importance of regulating online gaming activity for the derivation of revenue streams which is ultimately more favorable to the underground, black-market online gaming operations that are not taxable.


 For those newly minted into the online gambling industry, you might not be aware of the wagering requirements that make it next to impossible to access your funds without meeting the sky-high wagering requirements.


There are, however, numerous sites that provide online games with no wagering requirements like NoWagering Canada, and unlike sites that do not offer their services for no wagers, you need not make a 3000 CAD deposit to withdraw your winnings ensuring you play longer and spend more time in their services.


No wagering sites are becoming increasingly popular if only for the fact that most of these sites have bonus plays that you can either spend all in one sitting or spread out to try different games. Most important of which is that all the earnings you win on such bonuses would be yours to keep without a catch.


There are numerous options for no wagering casinos you could simply search for a list of no wager casinos in Canada and you will be met with a variety of choices that offer great bonuses and exciting games.


It isn’t difficult to see why people would rather go to participate in online gambling rather than physical gambling and with the advancements in technology and new online casinos popping up to meet the public’s demands for a better, no wagering experience, it is safe to say that the industry will only grow from here.


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