How online bookmakers steal a march on their competition

Throughout the world of entertainment, competition between providers is tough, with leading names pulling out all the stops to steal a match on their rivals and gain a bigger slice of the market and grow their market share.

For example, the world of streaming is more saturated than ever before. Established providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are increasingly being challenged by major names moving into the industry, such as Disney. The selection of titles available, the cost of a subscription and the availability of offers for new customers all represent key areas where one brand can elevate its offering above its rivals.

There’s a similar battle being waged in the world of online bookmaking, which has also seen its landscape change as new brands have entered the marketplace, and the lucrative nature of the industry means there are huge benefits to being the number one choice.

But what are some of the strategies being used by bookmakers in the online gambling sphere to edge ahead of the competition and grow their customer base?

Ratings and reviews

Like in many marketplaces, the power of the review appears to be growing all the time. In simple terms, customers prefer to shop with brands that already enjoy a good reputation, so businesses are eager to harvest positive reviews wherever possible.

Reviews can be left by customers, with websites like TripAdvisor being populated by the opinions of the general public, while experts and specialized media platforms also often offer their perspectives on some of the industry’s leading operators.

Welcome offers

Perhaps more than in any other industry, welcome offers play a key role in marketing for operators in the online gambling sector. While streaming services and other operators offer free trials, few offer the diversity of incentives that online gaming does.

Welcome offers in the world of casino gaming typically hand players a bonus top up on their first deposit, an opportunity to play the games for free or money back if their first bet loses. The competition here is intense, with providers constantly trying to out-flank one another.

Engaging customers in this way is effective in converting them into long-term followers of a brand. Although many players play with more than one casino online, nurturing loyalty is another key component of success, and often this starts with the welcome offer.


The sheer size of the gambling industry means it's more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd, which has resulted in a number of casinos positioning themselves as specialists in a particular area. For example, some operators are seeking to capitalize on the success of the esports market.

One of the best bookmaker platforms here is, which features its own Discord community - a mainstay in professional gaming circles - and promises the best esports action. It's also a part of a wider esports network, which makes it a very attractive proposition for gamers.

While the website and brand may not be able to compete with some of online gambling's mainstream giants in terms of brand awareness, it can gain a prominent foothold with a smaller audience and become recognized as an expert in its own field.

Range of games

Much like in the world of streaming, choice is everything for many customers. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu constantly try to out-do one another with the range of films and TV shows they have available, and it’s a similar story in casino gaming.

The range of games offered across the industry is ever-growing and the efforts that platforms stretch to in order to provide the biggest number is truly unfettered. Providing players with the biggest possible choice is crucial to hopes of keeping them coming back.

Many of the leading games in the industry are presented by more than one platform, much like in streaming, while leading operators also strive to produce their own titles that are exclusive to them.

As you can see, the battleground for online casino supremacy is intense and the tactics utilized to gain an advantage are diverse and innovative. There is certainly no room for complacency, even if you’re already at the top of the tree.

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