18 interesting facts about online casinos

Virtual casinos are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, it will be interesting to learn about some facts and get a closer look at the world of online gambling.

  1. 1. The first online casino originated in 1997, it was known as InternetCasinoSystemVersion 4. Initially, the number of visitors was not great, since the Internet industry was not yet so developed as it today. But over time, the number of customers and, accordingly, the number of online gambling clubs and increased and the games became more interesting and diverse. To date, the number of such institutions around the world is in the thousands.

  2. 2. The lottery is the most popular game of chance. The largest percentage of the population spends money just trying to win the lottery. There are many who are afraid to take risks in other gambling games because they believe there is a small chance of winning. For such customers, the lottery is the best option. Statistics show that more than 50% of the population plays the lottery on a regular basis in the hope of winning a cash prize. As for the online gambling in Canada, the lottery takes the major share of all bets made with 45% from total of all other games, in US such figure is slightly higher - 52%.

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  4. 3. Contrary to the mistaken belief that gambling is mainly enjoyed by young people or even teenagers, the main age of online casino customers is 30-40 years old. They spend up to 5 hours a day in virtual clubs. These statistics are true to US, Canada and EU countries.

  5. 4. The biggest winner was a man living in Helsinki, who spent for the game only thirty minutes. He won about 18 million euros playing in the MegaFortune slot machine. Moreover, the winner was not a regular player at online casinos. This was his first time gambling online. If you want to test your luck in online slots as well, you can take a look at this gambling site - casinorex.com/en-CA/games/slots.

  6. 5. Most of the customers of online casinos are men, more than 80%. However, the number of women gamblers has also been increasing in recent years.

  7. 6. Those who want to gamble purely for the sake of the game and not for the money can do so. Most online casinos allow customers to participate in games without a financial investment. This is very convenient, as the player can first gain experience and choose a certain tactic, playing for free and only then start playing for money.

  8. 7. Just like in a regular casino, online casinos also have restrictions on the age of the participants, which depend on the legislation of the country in which gambling is legalized online. In some countries even teenagers can take part in games, in other countries it is possible to get access to games only if you are at least 21 years old.

  9. 8. There are many myths about developing different strategies to increase the chances of winning. In fact, it has been proven that there is no way to calculate the pattern of numbers falling out at the roulette wheel. Therefore, usually all these strategies are useless and ineffective.

  10. 9. There are more than 33 countries that have a legal ban on online casino gambling for money. Nevertheless, about 100 countries in the world are quite loyal to the existence of online casinos. Some states even create special platforms for gambling and get good income to state treasury from it.

  11. 10. In some countries, playing at online casinos is a criminal offense, so it is necessary to carefully check the information about your country before you decide to gamble for money.

  12. 11. Many online casinos offer different types of bonuses and gifts, such as welcome gifts. This is done to attract more customers.

  13. 12. In the case of winning there is no possibility of immediately making a withdrawal. This is a procedure that can take several days. Moreover, some online casinos assign a minimum amount for withdrawal. Therefore, you always need to carefully study the rules that exist in the casino where the game will take place, especially the if you want to get the winnings to your bank account.

  14. 13. Each online casino usually has a certain style and individual design. The owners are interested in making their casino look more attractive than the rest and are willing to spend a lot of money on the design. The main goal is to create a festive and cheerful atmosphere to attract customers and make them want to stay there. Very popular are decorations in marine, Egyptian and pirate themes.

  15. 14. The owners of online casinos are very good earners and, by and large, it's not that important to them whether a person wins or loses. They will still receive their profits at the expense of those players who are less fortunate. Those online casinos, which are on a good account and have an impeccable reputation, serve hundreds of thousands of regular users and a huge number of casual players.

  16. 15. Statistically, a large percentage of players prefer to visit online casinos than regular land-based gambling houses. There are several reasons for this. First, convenience and accessibility in any location. After all, for the most part, conventional casinos are mostly located in large cities. Secondly, many people see online casino games as puzzles or logical problems, and prefer to play not even for the money, but for the sake of the game itself.

  17. 16. Cypriots are the most passionate about gambling at online casinos and spend a pretty decent amount of money there. They spend more than a billion dollars a year on online casino games. Based on the population density in Cyprus, this is a very impressive amount. It turns out that each resident spends on average about 3000 euros on online gambling entertainment.

  18. 17. Receiving bonuses is only possible for registered users. Usually, online casinos can give them on various holidays, birthdays. However, in order to withdraw the bonus money, it is necessary to wager this bonus.

  19. 18. Although some believe that online casino owners somehow tweak the slots in their favor, it is actually impossible to do so. Therefore, any player has a chance of winning, as slots work on the basis of the RNG random numbers generator.
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