What Is an Unlimited Reload Bonus at Bitcoin Casinos?

Some online casinos like to offer one-off welcome bonuses and virtually no redeposit bonuses. Others have plenty of cryptocurrency casino bonuses but tend to put rather small caps on them. None of these will top a tasty unlimited reload bonus. What are these offers at Bitcoin casinos, though? Why might you consider snapping them up? Discover the secret as we explore the topic in this guide.

Of course, it is up to the cryptocurrency casino in question what it chooses to define an unlimited reload bonus as, but generally, two options stand out the most...

Option #1: A Bonus You Can Claim Endlessly, Again and Again

The most common type of unlimited reload bonus found at cryptocurrency casinos is one that can be claimed again and again. In short, this means that when you deposit, you can claim the offer. The next time you deposit at a Bitcoin casino, you can claim the same offer. This can happen time and time again, potentially infinitely, and many times per day. Despite being able to claim this offer at any time with every deposit, there is usually a cap on how much you can claim (in bonus funds) each time.

Option #2: A Bonus Without a Maximum Cap

The second and less common type of unlimited reload deposit bonus at Bitcoin casinos is one that has no fixed cap on how valuable it is. This means that you can deposit anything you like, and you are guaranteed to be able to claim a bonus proportionate to your deposit. Of course, there must be a practical limit, but that will be set so high that it will not bother you. While these bonuses can offer you an “unlimited” amount of money, they are unlimited when it comes to the number of times you can claim them.

Do All Casinos Provide This Bonus?

Not at all. Both offers are amongst the most generous of all cryptocurrency casino bonuses. Because of this, they are not common. However, some of the better cryptocurrency casinos out there do have them. For instance, if you pop over to bitcoin casino io you will find such an offer. This bonus can be claimed multiple times but does have bonus caps. In a sense, it is the “Option #1” type of cryptocurrency bonus we discussed above.

Are the Terms and Conditions Different from Other Bonuses?

The terms and conditions of any casino bonus may be different from those at other sites and sometimes different from other cryptocurrency bonuses offered at the same site. Ultimately, you should always read the terms and conditions of any Bitcoin bonus before you decide to claim it. Ideally, you will find one where the wagering requirements, deposit caps, maximum win caps, and other terms and conditions are fair and proportionate to the bonus you are claiming when playing.



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