So, for exactly 2 years now, the whole world has been covered by a wave of a pandemic caused by Covid-19. A small virus that changed life for all mankind. Many scientists believe that our life will not be the same. And that people who still hope that sooner or later life will return to its former course are very mistaken. There is no need to wait, the past cannot be returned. You need to accept a new reality and start living according to the latest rules of life. After all, not only behavioral factors are changing, but also the mechanisms of earning and spending money. With the wave of coronavirus, there was also a wave that allowed the value and cost of virtual money and currencies, virtual payment methods to increase. Accordingly, the ways of earning during Covid-19 are subject to global change. Namely, the presence of a special "way” that can significantly help earn those people who have passive earnings in the form of investments. And for those who have not yet - we provide an opportunity to explore the market and try yourself as a financier.

So, in which companies did it become profitable to invest money with the beginning of the pandemic?

Online entertainment industry. Companies from this industry have been on the wave of commercial success for two years already. In addition to the fact that most consumers are forced to find entertainment for themselves through the Internet, employees of such companies most often find work also remotely. After all, developers, programmers, artists, marketers - almost all the staff of such companies can afford to carry out their activities through the Internet. As an example, software developers for slots online are exactly the companies that are worth investing in right now.

Healthcare. Of course, it is this industry that now earns and brings in the most money. It is in companies that develop vaccines, as well as their components, that it is worth investing your capital now. This industry will not only save your finances, but also significantly increase them. Do not forget about the companies that produce disinfectants. As well as personal protective equipment: manufacturers of masks and gloves are currently at the peak of growth. Also, special attention should be paid to companies that produce medical equipment, namely: furniture, appliances, processors for devices and so on.

Remote work. All organizations have employees in their staff who perform work via the Internet. Therefore, the shares of companies that allow you to do this work most efficiently are growing. This is the well-known Zoom, Skype, and companies for encrypting information, various messengers and cloud services, companies that produce software for organizing and setting work tasks for the entire company (Slack).

Consumer goods. Amazon should be attributed to such companies in the first place. Well, and other mass markets. As well as all companies that allow you to carry out the processes of buying, transporting, and displaying consumer goods for the consumer. These include logistics, software developers for the production and promotion of websites, online stores. This is the world-famous AliBaba, Farfetch, Ikea. And all the companies that help to serve these firms. 

The coronavirus outbreak has affected all sectors of the economy. You will not find a single company in the world that has not been affected by the pandemic. Therefore, now, at this stage, it is worth starting to invest in those companies that have started their activities, or have gained popularity with the wave of the Coronavirus.     

Mathieu Blake

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