Thinking Outside the Landline

In the business world, sometimes calling and texting isn’t the easiest way to communicate with those who need to be in contact the most. Handheld radios have since been replaced with far more sophisticated technology and in more formal business settings, a phone call may not be the most beneficial use of time. Mobi-data are now offering free 100MB limit SIM cards as a free trial, making it easier and more sensible to find alternative (and more cost-effective) means of communicating. With these new options arising, it’s worth it to look into the other choices your company has to keep in touch.

Skype – Skype is an excellent option for companies that want to add a video component to their conversations, and in a formal business setting Skype is especially useful for interviewing candidates. While long distance interviews are never ideal, the video element of your conversations will be extremely beneficial as it allows you to get a better sense of the person on the other end of the computer. Video calls are also more personable, which is a nice option to have when calling to congratulate someone or let them know they’ve been doing a great job. Employees will be grateful to see a smiling face instead of an emoticon in an email.

Email – Email is hardly a new invention but you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t utilize email in some way or another. Emails are wonderful options for things like instructions so that employees can look back from time to time at important information. “Gmail” has become a widely used platform for businesses and it’s a nice alternative because it’s completely free. While talking and texting can be useful, the quick text response may be more beneficial and certainly more affordable in the long run. Think about what type of information you’ll be sending over email and whether it’s the best means of communication or not.

VoxerVoxer is a relatively new and interesting choice for cell phone users because it’s an app that allows your phone to function like a high-tech walkie-talkie. For businesses that require a lot of field work, whether it be outside sales or manual labour, Voxer is incredibly useful for communicating quickly and efficiently, getting the message to the intended recipient with the click of a button. While both Voxer and text message options offer the ability to respond at your own pace, text messaging requires more time than it takes for you to spell out what you’re trying to say. Companies that require a lot of checking in throughout the workday may find Voxer a good route to go.

The days of inner-office mail are long gone, as are the days where your best hopes of reaching the person you’re looking for is speaking to a receptionist that can connect you. Because there are now options for low-cost data plans, finding communication methods that work more to a business’s advantage is the smart way to go. Work environments have adapted over time and methods of communication have to grow too. The best options depend upon the type of business you plan to run, but settling for high cost cell phone and text messaging plans is anything but the business savvy choice.