Europes NetEnt Showcases Online Casino with Real Money Virtual Reality Slot

NetEnt showcased its latest technological advancement within the casino industry some weeks ago. As a leading service provider of digital based casino solutions, NetEnt has taken it up to always ensure that the technology within the digital casino industry never gets outmoded. This vision by NetEnt has always led to the development of state-of-the-art gaming consoles that meets the changing demands of casino players all over the world.

NetEnt develops and licenses it's technology to various operators in countries (United Kingdom, Canada (Kahnawake) in North America and most of Europe where there is a licensing process for online gambling. As more and more countries around the world introduce licensing for online gambling operators NetEnt finds itself in a unique position to become a leader in the software licensing category.

The latest addition by NetEnt to digital casino gaming industry sees its introduction of an online casino with real money in virtual reality. The real-money virtual reality slot is going to be piloted by the well known Gonzo’s Quest. Studies have always shown the need for such advancements to be made in the online casino gaming industry in order to meet the varied needs of consumers says Edward Jones of Consumers in developed markets such as UK, Canada & USA demand a constant evolution of the casino game and are willing to pay for such advancements. A 3d virtual realty game makes perfect sense and it's sure to be an alluring proposal for players.

Per Eriksson, the Chief Executive Officer of NetEnt, had this to say about their latest addition to the gaming industry, “We firmly believe that VR has a given place in the future of online gaming, based on our research and the trends that we monitor. We remain focused on delivering the ultimate entertainment experience by taking this first step towards developing our first real-money VR slot. This is a milestone for NetEnt and the gaming industry.” From Per Eriksson’s quote, it can be realised that this move by NetEnt has been well researched and seen to be the right answer to the growing trend of gamers seeking for more involving casino games.

With NetEnt’s research team predicting WebVR technology to be fully developed in order to provide consumers with the much needed requirements to play Virtual Reality games, it is right for Canadian online casino industry to be well positioned when such changes occur.

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