Document Shredding Services: Why Your Company Needs Them

It seems that every time you turn on the television, there is a report of mass identity theft. Banks and prominent businesses have the unpleasant obligation to report to the public that passwords, contact information and other account information have been compromised. When this happens it takes the business significant time to rebuild its security infrastructure. Employee and customer personal information is exposed and information privacy compliance laws have been violated. Legal liabilities come into play as well. Even more time is spent attempting to regain the trust and confidence of the business’s valuable customers. Fortunately this scenario doesn't have to be a common occupational hazard of operating a business. There are measures that businesses can take to reduce their chances of identity theft and to protect their staff and customers. Hiring a professional document shredding company can do a great deal toward safeguarding your sensitive information. To find out what sort of shredding services Toronto and area has to offer you can visit and have all of your questions answered before contacting the shredding company.


Document shredding and destruction companies provide convenient services to effectively dispose of materials bearing confidential information. Instead of businesses spending money on expensive shredders that break down and need to be repaired, they can contract with a shredding company to do the work for them. The company will place locked containers into the business. Documents intended for shredding will be placed in the containers for future secure disposal. According to schedule, the shredding company will then either destroy the documents on-site or take them to a secured facility. All of this is done in a safe, confidential manner, eliminating the worry of documents being lost, stolen or confiscated. A professional destruction company will usually present the business with a guarantee that the documents have been properly disposed of.


Document destruction companies also provide services such as electronic data destruction. This is an essential service to utilize since most identity theft occurs online. Hard drives, flash drives, compact discs and other devices used to store electronic information are often not disposed of properly, leaving them to potentially fall into the wrong hands. A professional company can handle your destruction needs by rendering all unneeded electronic data unreadable and unrecoverable. Best of all, this will be done in an environmentally friendly and responsible fashion. All shredded documents and destroyed electronic data will be recycled. Businesses can feel confident knowing that they have made an effort to reduce landfill costs, lower carbon emissions and leave the environment cleaner for future generations. It makes sense for businesses to take advantage of the services that a professional document destruction company has to offer. Affordable prices, convenient disposal and peace of mind are well worth it.


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Author Cliff Dawling keeps up to date with trends in government regulations and blogs regularly with tips on information privacy for individuals and businesses.  Cliff uses a shredding service himself for information protection and strongly suggests that when you are looking for reliable shredding services around the GTA, visit Absolute Destruction at for more information today.