Far Cry 5: Why Should You Play It?

Ubisoft's Far Cry 5 came out in 2018, and like previous sequels, it is also a first-person shooter game. It's taking place in Hope County with a doomsday cult that runs the country now, with leader Joseph Seed. The player gets a young sheriff character that needs to liberate the county. Far Cry 5 is the best-selling gen game from Ubisoft. In the first week on the market, they sold 310 million copies. If you ask gamers, Far Cry 3 is the best sequel. In this part, all gameplay elements get enhanced. In addition, the visual design of the environment looks better than before. It came out in 2012, and it is still considered the best sequel of all franchises. First-person cover shooting, crafting, experience points, and skill trees appeared for the first time in this show. 


Mini-games in the Far Cry Franchise

Mini-games are a great addition to this sequel. We have Sharpshooter challenge, the Island Racing League, Knife Throwing, and Poker. Mini-games are almost full-blown, so they are a great addition to the game, something additional for players to enjoy. For example, while playing poker, you will feel like sitting at a table with opponents. Although it's still virtual, it's a different experience from online slots real money websites that we usually have at our daily disposal. Far Cry doesn't have any mini-games from previous sequels, and the only mini-game in this part is fishing. Yeah, that's right.


Far Cry 5

The player gets the role of a young sheriff that needs to liberate the county. Cold War and September 11 attacks inspired the sequel. The atmosphere after disastrous moments is what developers wanted to catch in the game. Resistance Meter measures Resistance points will open important game events. Resistance meter gets you through the game. With an increasing number of points difficulty of the game rises, enemies get more complicated. From basic enemies to the enemy archetypes, aerial patrols, and airborne assaults, further, in the game, they are getting harder to win. The recruitment system allows a player to recruit locals to help him fight. This system is similar to Buddy in the second sequel and Guns for Hire in the fourth sequel. Using non-playable characters as help forces player to get deeper in-game and discover stories behind them that will lead to new missions. Players can tame wild animals that will help them in combat and follow their commands. Various animals in the game help player choose the best one at the given moment. When a player leaves Dutch's Island, this feature unlocks. The Multiplayer option allows 12 players in deathmatch mode.


Behind the scenes, the game got inspired by Cold War, terrorist attacks, and refugees. But directors wanted to have a light atmosphere that will bring fun to players. As a result, the game has different weapons for players to choose for their combat. The same year as the game, Ubisoft released Inside Eden's Gate short, live-action movie. It is a kind of prologue to the game. The game got good reviews, but players familiar with Far Cry's previous sequels are not satisfied that this part doesn't have as many mini-games as in part 3.

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