Esports: How Will it Look in the future?

Esports are video games that are in the competitive genre. These are multiplayer video games, with organized competitions between professional players or teams depending on the game. Last year esports had more than 496 million followers, and predictions are that by 2023 that number will be higher than 646 million active, involved followers.

Three years ago, we didn't have leading games like Fortnite and Valorant. Epic Games in 2019. spent 100 million $ on their new game - Fortnite, and got global success. Valorant came on the market in 2019. with their Counter-Strike. Recent additions to the fun and trends predict a long future for these games. The number of esports fans is growing all around the world. Numbers for fans from Latin America and Asia are higher every year and are estimated to grow.  According to Statistics, increasing audience diversity is another factor to consider, with 35% of esports viewers in 2019. were women. That number is in constant growth. Since then, on the esports market are founded several women organizations have. Like Women of Esports, Women in Games, FemaleLegends, and more.


User Experience in the Future of Esports

Due to the constantly growing esports market, gender inclusivity, and overall technology evolution. 5G technology is one of the most significant factors that directly influence the gaming industry. Playing games will be easier on all platforms and streaming services. The gaming experience at a high rate depends on the network connection and quality of it. For instance, more graphically demanding online games like slot games can have a long loading time. Some of them depend on real-time input and feedback, so it can occasionally become a laggy experience. With 5G data throughput and low latency, playing games on real online casino Canada websites will be without problems. If you are playing on a computer or laptop, you won't have problems, but playing over mobile could be challenging. Smartphones are the next addition that needs to reach that next development step in esports gaming, while esports are slowly transitioning over onto platforms like Playstation, laptops, and PCs.


In addition, every year, companies invest more money in a better user experience in gaming. For example, overActive Media has announced to support 500 million $ into the venue for esports, and entertainment, which will happen in Toronto, an opening is planned for 2025. This venue will have 7000 seats and plans to have more than 200 events a year. In Orange County in California was the first Esports Arena. Since then, they are just emerging. From Las Vegas to Pennsylvania and the Chongqing Zhongxian in China.


Future is in Education

Educating people is critical for the proper rise of the esports scene. Esports needs preparations, and players need to learn, grow, evolve like in any other sport. Educating people about esports will attract even more people to play and to watch. Modern technology in the mobile industry, 5G, and growth expected for Esports will allow people to get involved even more. The women's esports market is a place that had just begun to develop and has bright potential; more women leagues and competitions and equality in genders will make games even more enjoyable. Predictions say that the next few years are the prime of esports. Let's enjoy it.

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