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How To Plan A Luxurious Engagement Party

  • Date: Thursday, April 19, 2018
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  • posted by: Mathieu Blake
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More and more couples are throwing beautiful and lavish engagement parties to announce their upcoming nuptials. If you can’t wait for your wedding date to celebrate your loving relationship, here are some helpful suggestions for how to plan your own engagement party.



Think About Who You’re Inviting


Stressed? Things you can do to lower your stress level

  • Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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  • posted by: Mathieu Blake
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For those of you who have a busy work life. Trying to balance work, play and parenting all at once. It's time to stop trying to do all 3 at once. 3 tips that you can do with your cell phone to remove a little bit of stress from your after hours life.

1. When you get home. Turn the cell phone off.

2. When you go to the park with your kids. Leave your cell phone at home.

3. When you are on a date. Turn your phone off

4. When you go to the bar. Leave your phone at home

5. W ....

Sugar Industry Has Subverted Public Health Policy for Decades, Study Finds

By Dr. Mercola

Who writes the policies for public health, and how? This is an important question, and if your initial answer is that policy is created by medical experts, based on the most scientifically compelling evidence available, you'd actually be wrong.

As recent media reports....

Pope Francis, Neil Young, and 100,000 Beekeepers Take a Stand Against Toxic Agriculture

By Dr. Mercola What do Pope Francis, Neil Young, and German beekeepers have in common? They're all speaking out against genetically engineered crops and the excessive use of toxic pesticides.

Meanwhile, the chemical technology industry is feverishly trying to revamp its image by renaming itself and putting out new spins on words to disguise what they're really all about.

The sad fact is, the chemical industry has to a ....

Film Covers the Many Dangers of the Cheap Meat Industry

Visit the Mercola Video Library

By Dr. Mercola

For several decades, Americans have enjoyed paying low prices for meat at the grocery store. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the hidden costs of "cheap meat"—and when you add them up, they are substantial.

The manner in which most commercial livestock is raised is wasteful of precious resources and dest ....

Dr Jerry Tenenbaum: Unhappy Patients, Destroyed Lives?

As members of the public, we tend to regard our doctors as being all but infallible. Of course, this simply isn’t true. In fact, there are doctors that no member of the public should rely on. A history of misdiagnosis, insensitive handling of patients in distress and unprofessional conduct should signal the end of a medical career, but patients continue to trust doctors who have acquired a very unprofessional reputation. Dr Tenenbaum is an example of such a doctor.

A single visit to the website ....

Hair Restoration That Works

When you think of health clinics that specialize in various laser treatments and other procedures that correct scars and remove unwanted hair, you may not expect them to offer hair transplanting services. The good news is that many of these facilities do offer the ability to transplant hair. Qualified professionals can offer an affordable and effective way to restore your hair.

Hair loss is can be a devastating ....

Foodie Friday: Mismanaged expectations at Cobra Club

Cobra Club attendees wait in line for their next food sampling experience. Photo by Jason Yung.

It was touted as the most exclusive dining experience in Ottawa — the famous Cobra Club, where the city’s best chefs would get together to cook what they liked.

Only the few, the exclusive, the invited, were allowed to taste. It was all so promising, so alluring. From the very beginning, I was captivated by the mystery. But like a tale involving an exotic charmer, reality differed ....

Kettlemans Bagels bags Internet shame for anti-gluten-free post

Post by Joel Balsam.

I love bagels. Not the six serving behemoth donuts with holes found in New York and Toronto; the smaller kind made with water. The Mordechai Richler of bagels attributed in the both aptly regal Montreal Mile-End borough bagel holes St. Viateur and Fairmount. But as the son of a “Montreal Anglophone refugee” who fled to Ottawa in the ‘80’s, I grew up on the incredibly comparable, if not, dare I say it, on par 24/hour bagel shop Kettleman’s Bagels. So when the creato ....

Beauty Slammers: Ladies of Wrestling calls all the singlet ladies

In 1985, hundreds of Hollywood actresses answered a casting call for a new TV entertainment program. Hoping for a big break, these beautiful women soon realized they were auditioning for an all-female wrestling show meant to rival the popularity of the then-WWF. ....

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