How To Plan A Luxurious Engagement Party

More and more couples are throwing beautiful and lavish engagement parties to announce their upcoming nuptials. If you can’t wait for your wedding date to celebrate your loving relationship, here are some helpful suggestions for how to plan your own engagement party.



Think About Who You’re Inviting

Before you even think of the cardstock or designs for your invitations, you should look over your guest-list for the night. If you plan on having an enormous guest-list for your wedding, take this as a convenient opportunity to trim that list down. Your lavish engagement party doesn’t have to be small, but it should be a little more intimate to avoid upstaging your big day. Don’t feel obligated to invite coworkers, acquaintances, distant relatives or anyone that will have to travel a long way in order to make it. When you are creating your engagement party invitations, remember to include important aspects like the date, the time, the full address of the event location and how to RSVP — skipping over the essential details will only cause you stress on a night that should be absolutely blissful. 


Let The Professionals Handle The Food

You don’t want to be flitting in and out of a kitchen, worrying about hors-d’oeuvres and cocktails for your guests. Your engagement party should be a stress-free experience, so you should hire a professional catering company to prepare the food, serve it at the party and help clean up. If you are looking for gourmet menu options, high-quality ingredients and excellent service, you should hire The Food Dudes catering services for your engagement party. This beloved catering company has a stellar cocktail menu that will be fantastic for a glamorous event, where you will want guests to mingle. They can hand out elegant appetizers like steak tartare, pan seared scallops, duck confit, risotto cakes and lemon basil curd.


Bring Something Extra To The Table

If you want your engagement party to feel like a lavish event, you need to add extra elements that will set it apart from regular cocktail parties. One idea that you should consider is setting up entertainment for your party guests so that they can let loose and have a fun conversation starter — they will love interactive choices like silhouette artists or specialized photobooths, where they can take a picture home as a unique party favour. If you want to get people moving, hire a professional DJ, band or group of classical musicians to inspire guests to head to the dance floor and shake the night away. Focus on one or two forms of entertainment to make the event special — you can save the rest of your ideas for your wedding date, which you will want to be more extravagant. 


Your engagement is a relationship milestone that deserves to be properly celebrated with your friends and family. Take advantage of the moment and throw a gorgeous party full of fine food and good music, before you get one step closer to tying the knot.

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