Getting Exposure as an Artist in Canada

Are you seeking to acquire original art to help set just the right mood in your place? Or perhaps you are an artist yourself, looking for a way to get your name out there. Looking to fund such things can be a daunting task. But, there's one company hat know makes the whole process look very simple.

In this age of IT, budding artists can take the help of any reputed online art platform to get due recognition for their work. One such art platform is Saatchi Art. You can find all different kinds of pieces there in many different mediums. One of the most popular types is the original painting at Saatchi, which encourages these emerging artists to exhibit their work online. Here are some examples of original painting by Canadian artists featured on Saatchi’s website.
Stanley Park After the Rain, Marina Nelson, Canada

Rio, Ieva Backlane, Canada

Sebastien en tissu urbain /in urban fabric, Jean Brosseau Haute-Peinture, Canada

The company has been empowering both experienced and amateur artists by offering them with a platform where they can promote and sell their artwork.

 Artists and art lovers no longer need to be confined to reaching each other through the bureaucracy that exists in art galleries, art houses and other institutions that art can be purchased.

Canada has a history of producing remarkable artists and painters. These have notably included members of the 'Group of Seven'. In the contemporary era, Canadian artists such as Michael Snow achieved worldwide fame and recognition.

Today there are many emerging artists who have been inspired by the Group of 7 and others. These amateur artists often seek worldwide recognition through local art gallery exhibitions.

The National Gallery of Canada, Vancouver Art Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and Montreal Arts Interculturels are some of the art galleries in Canada where artists can exhibit their work. These prestigious galleries can offer artists with a lot of exposure.

Apart from these galleries, there are many privately owned and operated art galleries in the country.  The private galleries also hold exhibitions of paintings and artwork. They can help artists in getting the due recognition for their work that they deserve.

Private organizations such as Society of Canadian Artists and Portrait Society of Canada also provide artists with a lot of help. They often assist the artists in organizing exhibitions of their work. These organizations are well connected and they can be very effective in promoting the work of any artist, both domestically and internationally. In order to avail themselves of the facilities provided by such institutions, one generally has to become a member of these art organizations.

Art galleries and private art organizations are often not very welcoming of amateur artists. They tend to promote artists who are well known. Even though art galleries are funded by tax payers’ money they are often reluctant about supporting new artists.

Arguably, they have certain unrealistic rules and regulations which become hard for most artists to follow. Hence, amateur artists in Canada have to look for other ways for getting exposure.

Art lovers and artists now have a new way of finding each other. Saatchi provides a great alternative.