Coffee Lovers Buy Dominican Coffee Online And Taste The Difference

The perfect cup of coffee starts with great beans and the quality of a bean depends on where it is grown. Coffee lovers have known for some time that the best coffee beans are found in the Dominican Republic where coffee trees grow among the island’s lush greenery, in partial shade, in nutrient rich volcanic soil, along the fertile mountainsides. Up until recently, Dominican coffee was hard to come by and could only be enjoyed by native Dominicans or people lucky enough to be vacationing there. The coffee of the Dominican has taken on a mythical nature, reminding those who got to experience of the paradisiacal island of days spent drinking the best coffee in the world, on the beach, surrounded by palm trees.

The best climate for growing arabica beans is a relatively cool one. The Dominican Republic has a unique ecosystem that, despite its relatively small size, boasts a wide range of climates. This range of temperatures and precipitation gives coffee growers an ideal situation in which to test out and perfect their coffee farms. Coffee producing countries with more than one wet and dry season have more than one harvesting season and this too is also a benefit of coffee grown in theDominican.

While everyone deserves to experience the heaven on earth that is the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, it’s not always affordable or feasible, especially not every time you want to enjoy a superior cup of coffee. That’s why the Dominican Sierra Group has teamed up with Café Santo Domingo, the most popular coffee grower and brand in the Dominican since 1945. Now coffee lovers and consumers can buy high quality coffee online through the Dominican Sierra Group’s website. Café Santo Domingo is the only "field to table coffee producer " available in Canada. Café Santo Domingo owns the land, the coffee trees, the processing equipment, the roasting equipment, and the packaging equipment. The same day Café Santo Domingo coffee is roasted it’s shipped to Canada, guaranteeing consistent quality for every cup, all with the proudest Dominican employees making this happen. It's finally here! Paradise in a cup.

Buying coffee online has never been easier and more secure. Instead of having to settle for the weak selection of coffees at your local grocery store, you can procure the finest coffee beans in the world with just a few clicks. Then every time you brew a cup you can be transported to the Dominican Republic. Imagine how great that will be to share with your family, your loved ones, and your co-workers. Dominican coffee would make a great gift, a way of saying to someone that they deserve the best.