Charting The Rise of Canada's Casino Gaming Resorts

In a decade where economic progression has been hard to come by following the financial crisis, Canada’s tourism industry has been emerging as a key area of growth nationwide. According to the latest annual report from Destination Canada, total tourism spending experienced a +4.2% year on year increase, and total expenditure from domestic and international visitors hit $91.6 billion.

Of course, Canada’s unique culture, focus on entertainment and areas of outstanding natural beauty are all key drivers behind this growth, but we’ve also noticed another significant trend that has started standing out more and more in recent year – the rise of casino gaming resorts.

There are now over 100 full-service casinos in Canada, which makes casino gaming one of the fastest growing components of the entire Canadian tourism industry. Many of these establishments are beginning to offer a more rounded, complete entertainment experience in order to entice tourists to come and play. Let’s take a look at a few select examples, as well as why exactly casino gaming is thriving more than ever.


Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, Ontario


"Fallsview Casino and the Horseshoe Falls" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Numinosity (Gary J Wood)


As you can most likely gather from the name, this remarkable resort is situated right next to the world famous Niagara Falls on the border between Canada and the United States, and is arguably the central jewel in the Canadian gaming crown.

In addition to the sprawling casino floor and thousands of gaming options, Fallsview offers visitors outstanding views, first-rate hospitality and a range of entertainment that caters for the whole family. Its 1,500 seat theatre hall regularly hosts some of the biggest international musicians, such as Olivia Newton John, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.


River Rock Casino Resort, British Columbia


Over in British Columbia we have River Rock, one of the largest casino resorts in the entire country and the only four-star rated hotel/casino in western Canada.


River Rock spares no expense when it comes to their selection of casino games, offering more than 1,000 slots machines, dedicated poker rooms and even a dedicated high stakes VIP area. As for the hospitality side of things, the resort also contains two hotels, a gym, spa and gourmet dining options. Not bad, eh?


River Cree Resort & Casino, Alberta


From one ‘river’ to another, River Cree Resort & Casino is undoubtedly one of Alberta’s most highly rated gaming getaways. Although the casino floor isn’t the largest that you can find in Canada, it holds a charming appeal all its own.

The casino is particularly renowned for its focus on table games such as blackjack and roulette, so it’s definitely worth brushing up your skills before you make the trip out there. For instance, if you’re on the hunt for somewhere to play roulette online, dedicated comparison websites such as Casino Games are a good place to find out which operators offer joining offers and promotions, as well providing some tips on strategical gameplay. A great warm-up for River Cree Casino.

Taking all three of these popular casino resorts into account, it’s clear to see just why casino gaming is having such an impact on the growth of Canadian tourism. The trick is simple: even people who aren’t necessarily big gamers would want to pay a visit!

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