Canadian Casinos With Stunning Views

Canada is a beautiful country with some of the most stunning views in the world. It has also become a popular gaming destination, with some casinos being built in breathtakingly wonderful spots.

Online casinos have also become a huge attraction, with many of the top online casinos now accepting Canadian dollars. Some people prefer playing in an online casino because of the lack of restricted hours they can play. They like the fact they can enjoy the games 24 hours a day to suit their own schedule.

Niagara Falls

People do not generally visit Niagara Falls to play in a casino, but once they get there, they will discover the Fallsview Casino Resort. Its luxurious accommodation has beautiful views, and at over 200,000 square feet, it's home to one of the biggest casinos in the country. The variety of games is impressive, and usually only found in the best online casino in Canada, including themed slots and table games, but Fallsview has most of them.

However, this is not the only casino in the area of Niagara Falls. Casino Niagara provides wonderful views from many parts of the venue. With over 1500 slot machines, 12 poker rooms, and more than 40 gaming tables, you are very likely to find your favourite game here.

Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia is built on the gorgeous waterfront of Halifax. It's smaller than the casinos built in large cities, but has a walkway to the luxury Marriot Halifax Harbourfront hotel. Having the benefits of the casino and hotel close together has made this a very popular destination.

River Rock

Located close to Vancouver International Airport, River Rock Casino Resort has been built on the banks of the Fraser River. From the outside, it has the appearance of a rather large ski lodge, but once inside there is no doubt about its purpose.

It's not the biggest of casinos in Canada, but has world-renowned poker rooms where the British Columbia Poker Championships have been played a number of times.


No one could mention casinos in Canada without talking about the Casino de Montreal. It's housed in the French Pavilion that was originally erected for Expo ’67, and takes up the whole building. With more than five floors of casino games, it offers every form of gambling legal in Canada.

As one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, Montreal has become something of a gaming mecca, and not just for casino games. It also has several virtual reality arcades in which regular competitions and tournaments are held.

Casino Tourists

It's becoming trendy to be a casino tourist - traveling to some of the best beauty spots the country has to offer, and while there sampling the delights of a few games in the casino. There are many more than have been mentioned above, with most of them having accommodation or being very close to somewhere to stay. Casino tourists do tours of the different places where casinos are located, so get the best of both worlds for their vacation.

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