Tips to help you Recognize Fraudulent Casinos

Gamblers flock to online casino websites to showcase their skills, enjoy a fair play and if they’re lucky enough, win money. It is this incredible experience that keeps them going back. However, sometimes, the experience quickly turns ugly when they fall prey to fraudulent casinos.

According to reports, when a victim wants to withdraw their winnings, the scam casinos will:

·       - Lock them out of the systems and freeze their accounts

·       - Deprive them of pay-out funds

·       - Ridiculously overcharge them for withdrawal

Other times, the dealers will pull wrongful hands to benefit the casino.

In this article, we give you tips to help you recognize fraudulent casinos, so you don’t fall prey.

1.     Check for licensing

Online casinos, like any business, should operate under a license from the relevant authorities. Legit Casinos from the US, Canada, Central America and Caribbean Islands nations are licenced by  the Canadian Kahnawake tribe, while those from Europe obtain it from Malta, Gibraltar, and Alderney. Before you deposit your money into an online casino, account it is vital that you check whether they are licenced or not. Although it’s not the only guarantee of legitimacy, lack of licensing is a top sign for fraud. Take your time to browse through the site for recognized approval seals from regulatory bodies, and other industry-approved testing organizations.

2.     Online reviews

Thanks to the internet, it is effortless for you to view what the past and current players are saying about a casino. Checking online reviews is perhaps the easiest way to recognize fraudulent casinos because you get to see first-hand information from third-parties – who have no interest in promoting the business.

A victim of scam will not hesitate to discourage others from using a platform. A happy one, on the other hand, will gladly recommend it to everyone. While five-star reviews are encouraging, don’t dwell on them; instead, you should go through all of the reviews, both good and bad. This is how you manage to get a clear picture of what to expect.

A red flag is when it looks as though a greater percentage of clients are unhappy as opposed to those who are happy. Also, if the casino has been in business for a few years, and doesn’t have any scandals, complaints or payment issues, then you know you are on the right track.

3.     Payment options

Most legit online casinos provide at least one payment option, like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Western Union, or PayPal. If the casino in question only accepts obscure payment methods, then you should conduct more thorough research before signing up for an account and depositing money into your account

Another incredible clue is to check whether or not the online platform integrates PayPal as their payment option – PayPal is as strict as it can get, and only conducts business with companies which prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are legit.

4.     Contact details

Now, imagine you made a wrong transaction, or are having trouble navigating through the site; your first instinct is to get in touch with the service providers, either through a phone call, email or online chat. . Now, what happens if the platform avails no contact information? You will be left there stranded, and frustrated.

With that in mind, you should always work with a site that has multiple contact points for easy communication. An important clue is to watch how they respond to your texts or calls before you make a deposit. If the communication is poor before you even give them business, imagine how difficult it would be once you already have. If the online casino lacks any contact details or only avails the website forms, rather find another site to gamble on .

5.     Instant gratification

Rogue online casinos use different ways to dupe people; however, the concept of instant gratification is always top on the list. They create wildly exaggerated marketing campaigns with massive promises attached to them to lure the gamers in but fail to deliver. For instance, they may use a Welcome Bonus trick, offering as much as CA$5,000.

When you spot such advertising, it’s imperative that you do some more digging into the small print – check for the high gambling requirement as well as other conditions that are impossible to meet.

6.     Terms and conditions

Scammers understand that many clients are too lazy to go through the long and boring terms and conditions, so they often hide restrictive clauses about the betting or game in them. Unfortunately, the fraudulent casino will use one of these clauses to nullify a win and therefore bar any withdrawals from you.

That’s why you must carefully go through the terms and conditions before depositing funds into the casino’s account to ensure you understand the fine print. l. If anything is unclear, contact their customer support team for further clarification.

In conclusion

Since you do not want to invest your hard-earned money in a fraudulent online casino, it’s imperative that you conduct a rigorous research upfront. It might seem daunting but is usually worth it in the end. With these tips to help you recognize fraudulent casinos, you are sure to get value for your investment in a casino game.




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