Top 5 reasons Online Sports Betting is Gaining Momentum in Canada

The speedy growth of the Canadian entertainment sector, especially online sports betting and gambling, is buoyed by technological advancements. Currently, online sports betting and gambling enjoys more freedom in terms of regulation compared to the United States. It's due to this more relaxed culture that the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Authority managed to make a net profit of around $2.50 billion in the 2017/2018 fiscal year. Here are some of the reasons why the online sports betting culture is fast gaining momentum in Canada.

Lenient Gambling Laws

Interestingly, popular games such as Poker have been motivated by old games like faro and card-playing that was first introduced in Canada many years ago. It’s not rocket science to learn if gambling legal in Canada. Although the government has created and implemented laws that regulate gambling in general, these laws were not designed to bar all gaming activities entirely.

That is why the government chose to let each province create its own gambling regulations. In the end, this approach led to the fast growth of the online gaming and gambling industry.

Since the first Canadian casino was launched in 1989 in Winnipeg, scores of other new entrants were built in Ontario and Québec, among other provinces. Today, participating in horse race betting is not actively regulated.

Canadians Enjoy Online Sports Betting

Relevant gambling regulatory bodies and iGaming operators in the CA sports betting environments promote and encourage responsible gaming conduct across Canada. As a result, many Canadians have become receptive to enjoying slots, betting sports online, and playing the lottery.

Furthermore, several Canadian gamblers enthusiastically play and bet on foreign-based gambling websites. So, whether it is card games, sports betting, live dealer games, or slots, Canadians participate with a high degree of willingness.

Players Access Their Money in Seconds

Because there is a legal grey area in the CA sports betting scene, Canadians can easily access foreign online sports betting platforms. These offshore platforms have never faced prosecution for offering sports betting to Canadians. Furthermore, many Canadian players can obtain their money in seconds, even from established Canadian banks. Many players deposit and withdrawal funds from their online sports betting accounts using well-known credit card companies.

High Levels of Security

Each province in Canada has set up an authority that is responsible for regulating online sports betting and determining the level of security procedures that ensures a safe sports betting framework. While Canadian-regulated sports betting sites are required to comply with these security safeguards, Canadians are only encouraged to participate in these games, not coerced. Services such as eCOGRA Safe & Fair have played a significant role in ensuring that these online sports betting websites are credible and observe these security protocols.

Technological Advancements

The technological advancements of today's digital era have had a considerable impact on the Canadian sports betting industry. Players from different walks of life gain access to feature-rich gaming platforms that are easy to navigate and tap into. The massive shift from land-based gambling platforms to online sports betting and gaming sites is more comfortable and convenient for players. All a player needs to get started is a PC or a reliable mobile device and a stable internet connection to start betting. Brick and mortar casinos attract fewer players and are more expensive to maintain compared to online sports betting platforms.

Online gaming and sports betting platforms and operators have started dominating the sports betting industry in Canada. In fact, in the iGaming environment, it’s interesting to notice that a majority of Canadians who prefer online gaming over physical casinos are spoilt for choice. Players can now take advantage of reputable online sports betting platforms that operate in the Canadian cyberspace to make some quick money while enjoying their favorites sporting events.

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