Top Casino Trends in Canada

Canada is a haven for casinos. The online casino trends coming out from this territory is similar to many parts of the world. Thanks to the power of the internet, an innovation developed in one place quickly spread to other areas.

The online casino industry is changing and evolving constantly. Rapid advancements in technology and changing consumers’ habit is the fuel behind most of the trends breaking out in Canada in the casino industry.

Below is a list of the top casino trends in Canada.

·       Increase in Live Dealers

·       The rise in Virtual Reality (VR) games

·       New consumer habits

·       Wide Adoption of Cryptocurrency


Increase in Live Dealers

Live games are in hot demand. A growing number of casino players have a strong preference for live casino games.


Live games are more realistic and have this authentic feel about it. The gaming experience is also second to none even when players are playing it via online casinos.

It is also a contributing factor to why the traditional brick and mortar casinos are declining. The appeal of the brick and mortar casino lies in their ability to provide a live gaming experience. With many online operators now offering this, there is an ever-growing rise in the number of players and casinos offering Live Dealers’ action.

The Rise in Virtual Reality (VR) Based Casino Games

Virtual Reality games at one point in recent history looked impossible but thanks to ground-breaking advancement in virtual reality technology in recent years, this is now a top trend for casinos in Canada and other parts of the world to jump on to.

The technology is far from the finished article which makes its appeal even more exciting. Online casinos aim to offer players an interactive gaming experience. There is no better technology to use than virtual reality. Many experts predict that in the coming years, there will be a large rise in virtual reality gaming, with online casinos at the receiving end.

The major obstacle with virtual reality used to be its price but thanks to its commercialization, the cost is no longer a hindrance. Virtual casinos are the future!

New Consumer Habits

Consumer habits changes. It can be tasking to keep track of new consumer habits and recognize when consumers abandon a habit. With constant research information available online, and with casinos conducting their form of market research, keeping tabs on new consumer habits is not as daunting.

Here are some new consumer habits online casinos should pay attention to.

·       Rise in the number of female players – Who said casinos are a man game? Women have always been involved in casino games. But recently, there are becoming involved in larger numbers. This growing customer base can see new casinos implement more female-friendly themes. An exclusively female casino can generate quite the following.

·       Rise in the number of mobile game players – With more people owning smartphones than computers, online casino mobile games are in soaring demand. A lot of people prefer to play casino games on their phones due to their accessibility and mobility.

·       Increased interest in Free To Play (F2P) games – Many casino players are yet to define their casino strategies and some are downright skeptical about putting in money. Free to play games offer a solution to the problem of these two games. It allows them to enjoy casino action without paying a dime.

Many online casinos are offering free to play games. More consumers are playing these free games than ever before. Although these free games do not potentially generate income for online casinos, they can serve as a launching pad for players to play real casino action with the online casino.

A trick that works, which many casinos are implementing now is to include an upgrade feature for a few dollars for players to access other free to play casino games. It works like magic all the time.


Wide Adoption of Cryptocurrency

The benefits of cryptocurrency are growing more and more people all over the world. Many online casinos now accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for both deposits and withdrawals.

Many casinos operate solely on cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin casinos. Many players are also taking advantage of the decentralized nature of the currency to circumvent restrictions on gambling in their territories. Cryptocurrencies also offer an added layer of security thanks to its anonymous features.

Currently, the more traditional payment methods still dominant in online casino payments, soon, cryptocurrency will be used more. Many top online casinos are now offering Bitcoin as a mode of payment.



Casino Trends change from time to time. In Canada, the rise in Live Dealers, rise in Virtual Reality (VR) games, new consumer habits, and wide adoption of cryptocurrency are trends to watch out for this year and in the coming years.

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