Movies Sets That Were Disastrous

When you watch a movie, you are more concerned about the entertainment value than anything else. In fact, you would never think about what happens on movie sets, as long as the movie is entertaining.

Well, in this post, we talk about some of the movie sets that were completely disastrous, from maltreatment of cast and crew to the set being downright ugly. Enjoy!


This movie is one of the most expensive movies to ever been made. The production costs totaled $175 million just like how some online jackpots at crazyvegas casino are estimated. Maybe this is because it was shot right in the middle of an ocean. Every day, all the props that were needed on set, and everything else required to shoot the film, had to be transported into the water.

On top of that, there was also a hurricane during the shooting and the multimillion-dollar set was destroyed. Also, there was a point when Kevin Costner, one of the stars in the movie, almost drowned during filming.

Apocalypse Now

The writer of this movie had an interesting story to tell; he says that he wanted to fight during the war in Vietnam. However, he was rejected. That’s when he decided to make this movie. Apparently, if he had been accepted, the film would actually have been shot at the height of the war in Vietnam.

They had to spend over $2 million which is less than what some casino games online offer in order to make this movie and they had to deal with a typhoon, which meant that film production had to be pushed back for a further 2 months. Apart from the natural disasters, there was just a lot going on.

Outrageously, the film included some real dead bodies. These were bought from a grave robber. So much for making everything seem real!

Other actors in the movie also had their own mishaps. For one, Martin Sheen had a heart attack while on set. Another one had an epileptic seizure.

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