Six Iconic Retro Games Brought Again To Life

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling that sometimes blurs the truth with its enhanced perception. When it comes to gaming, if you played games in the 90s, you might say those were the best ones. In reality, while their gameplay might still be attractive, the graphics went so far ahead you would be gravely disappointed playing old-school games after the splendour of new 4K Ray Tracing HDR games.

While technology advancements are to blame for rendering so many good games obsolete, at the same time, many of the classic titles came to life with remastering. So we dug deep into our nostalgic gaming youth, and here are six great games that got a second life with enhanced graphics and gameplay.

Command & Conquer remastered collection

In 1995 Comand & Conquer was a smashing hit. The game made RTS (real-time strategy) genre with a great soundtrack, smooth and engaging gameplay, cinematic cut-scenes and wild and fun on-screen action. The remastered collection has full Comand & Conquer and Red Alert games and all the expansion packs. In addition, petroglyphs studios revamped the game, and it's now playable in 4K resolution, and there are some minor UI changes.

Resident Evil 2

Some say the best game in the storied Resident Evil franchise got its remake. The overhaul was far more than just remastering textures and graphic elements, as the Resident Evil 2 remake provides an entirely new gameplay experience and incomparable graphical improvement. You still play the story from the perspective of two main characters that intersect throughout the game.

The original game created a whole subculture. TV shows, movies starring Mila Jovovich, and Resident Evil also became a thing in igaming. If you had enough shooting hordes of zombies in original, you could play the Resident Evil Slot game. Playing on five reels, you will get characters from the game as symbols, and there are 25 paylines. You can check how Resident Evil slot looks like here - online casino Canada real money. The game also has dedicated missions like in the original, and you can play Chris, Jake or Leon missions and storylines to get rewards.

Grim Fandango

One of the best games in the adventure genre had its debut back in 1998. A noir and quirky setting got new advanced lighting, high-resolution textures and a new orchestrated soundtrack. The gameplay is the same, but the user interface got some new options. As a result, grim Fandango has excellent puzzles, lots of meaningless quests, and a hard-to emulate noir atmosphere and good writing.

Dark Souls

The action RPG genre got a whole new subcategory called Soul games after the release of Dark Souls on PS3. The game has incredibly demanding and challenging gameplay with no opportunity for mistakes. You either love or ignore Dark Souls games and all the copycats. Luckily for the genre fans, the remastered version brings some minor UI tweaks and revamped high-res textures and hugely improved visuals. However, the gameplay remains incredibly tough.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

A game that is perhaps the most popular RPG game of all time and one in the Top 10 list of every gamer. At the same time, you can still play 2010. original and not appalled with the graphics, the Special Edition released five years later brings incredible visual appeal and improved textures and resolution to already a game masterpiece.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot is among the top platformers in the PlayStation universe. The first three games brought 3D graphics in the platformer genre, and now Sony made a remake with textures and graphics more appropriate with high-fidelity age. So if you pick the N Sane Trilogy, you're up for hours of fun content.

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