Why are Online Slot Bonuses so Popular?

Online gambling has become as mainstream as live gambling in a Vegas casino and all over the internet gamblers are talking about slot bonuses. I’ve been to many casinos in my life, but haven’t ever gambled online, so I decided to see what these bonuses are all about.


I started my search by looking for the best slot bonuses I could find. It was quite the task, but I found some incredible offers that I thought were too good to be true. In fact, they were. You see, I was searching casinos but not looking at their license and regulations standards. Thankfully, I didn’t deposit any money at these establishments, so I only lost time.

If you’re going to gamble online, take it from me, it pays to find a reputable casino. Check their license status by searching their site for the contact information of their regulatory agencies. Reputable casinos list this information on their about or security pages.


After I found the right casino, I claimed the welcome bonus of $10. Right away I had money to play with. This was before I deposited any of my own money. As I navigated to the casino, I was offered a first-deposit bonus, which would give me $25 if I deposited $100. I was planning on depositing money anyway, so I claimed that bonus also. No wonder physical casinos are losing out to online casinos.


As I played my slot, I was delighted to have that free money to increase my bankroll. It wasn’t too long before I hit a nice payout of $40 and I stopped playing for the day. I must admit, I can see how enticing those bonuses were, especially when I started to look at all the different types of bonuses available:

- New Player Bonus

- First Deposit Bonus

- Match Deposit Bonus

- Reload Bonus

- And So Many More


Bonuses, as you can see, are a big part of online slot play, and gamblers love collecting a little perk every now and then. These bonuses are what keep players coming back for more slot play online.


One warning I will share is to read the terms of the bonus before claiming it. Some bonuses will require you to play an exorbitant amount of money before you can claim or withdraw the bonus. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars just to claim a $25 bonus. That’s not good math.


As always, don’t gamble more than you can lose, and good luck!

Mathieu Blake

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